Every State’s Most Googled Finance Questions

    Consumers with financial or housing questions turn to the internet. In particular, consumers seem to have a lot of questions about income taxes and mortgages.

    TermLife2Go, a review site, analyzed Google data to find the top questions about money and organized the info by state.



    Income tax was the most Googled term in 23 states. New tax laws that took effect may be causing the influx in tax questions.

    New York City is home to more millionaires than any other place in the world, and its most Googled term was “estate planning.” Retirement also seems to be on a lot of internet searchers’ minds, as it was the most Googled term in Wyoming, the state with the fastest growing senior population in the U.S., according to TermLife2Go.

    Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Washington are seeking information about “mortgages” in their internet finance searches. These are all among the 10 fastest growing states in the U.S., and new residents of those states may be eager to buy, TermLife2Go notes.

    Some of the most common finance-related Googled questions across the country include:

    • Why do I need mortgage insurance?
    • How do income taxes work?
    • What is an estate plan?


    Most Googled Financial Questions,” TermLife2Go (June 3, 2019)

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